K-Algorithms Consulting
Alexander Khrissanov
Director and principal consultant

I am a senior technical specialist in the area of database driven applications. I worked with Oracle databases as developer, DBA, system/data architect for about 15 years. Over my career, I accumulated extensive experience in designing, building and refining database systems for transactional and data warehousing applications built for real life requirements, performance and ease of support. I can make existing applications faster, more robust and improve client experience with it.

Dmitry Khrisanov
Director and database consultant

Over my carrier I obtained experience in development and support of numerous database applications. Being involved in all cycles of development and implementation of software I can provide service in both operational and development areas. One of my strongest skills is ability to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with solution in a reasonable timeframe.

Elena Khrissanova
Director and web consultant

Experienced computer programmer with knowledge of web development, data conversion, payment and accounting systems.